Life in a Day

Ridley Scott asked people around the world to film their lives and answer a few simple questions. They received 4,500 hours of video from 192 countries. All of it shot on a single day – 24th July 2010.

I just saw this movie at the Melbourne International Film Festival. What an amazing example of collaborative storytelling on a global level! So evocative and after seeing it I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Whose stories are we celebrating?” and “Which stories should we celebrate and remember?” On so many levels this film resonated with me. In fact, leaving the cinema and walking along busy Swanston St, I couldn’t help but sense the unique stories of everyone I was passing. Super human powers…!? Hmmm if only this switch was always on.

When asked what success means to him, a friend of mind replied, “Success is just the stuff that happens everyday.” For me, the Life in a Day film is not only about the diversity of human experience but so much more.

Doing good things in the world can be hard.

It can mean a lot of personal sacrifice and risk taking in the face of uncertainty and chaos. Much like telling your own story, trying to do good things can mean putting yourself out there for people to judge and criticise you. But I’ve realised that the doing isn’t really the full story – the doing good things part is all possible because of the hardest thing – the being.

Being vulnerable
Being open to change (and being changed)
Being the change you want to see in the world
Being authentic
Being imperfect
And just being… well… human


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