The F-Word

Fun!!! What is fun?

How many times do you hear people say, “Have fun!” But what is it? How do we have it? Don’t we all need more fun in our lives? Was this easier to have when we were kids?

Yes I’ve set myself another personal social skydiving challenge and will be asking a complete stranger everyday:

“What is fun?”

Very serious business! Here’s what people have said so far!

“Fun is something I do for it’s own sake, doing it just for the pure experience. When I don’t wish to be anywhere else. It’s also a way of looking at the world, like wearing fun glasses! Like seeing things a fresh like a kid. Novelty is a multiplier of fun – if something is just a bit unusual. Also if there’s a bit of pleasure, either sensual or intellectual, it increases the fun!”

-N, 30 years old

Whatever the activity is, you’re immersed in it and you’re not referencing yourself or others, thinking about what others or even you is thinking or feeling, you’re just ‘in it’.

-S, 27 years old

“When you do something you love. You feel good, I like to play on the computer and my friend is fun because he’s almost as good a wrestler as I am. And I like to climb trees.

-Bassi, 10 years old

“Love is honesty, respect, and butterflies… Fun is all of those things with others you don’t want to sleep with.”


 F Bomb


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