Home is whenever I am with Me

“There are parts of ourselves that we don’t always live with.” A friend said to me. “We like and love these parts but they are not always seen, honoured and celebrated.”

Home is when I feel that I am most accepting and loving of Myself.

Home is when I feel I am celebrating and honouring all that I am NOW. The current version of me, not in five years time, or whenever I land the perfect job, house, body or partner.

I understand now how lucky I have been to be part of relationships and communities which have celebrated and honoured me. Safe ‘places’ and ‘spaces’  to explore my light, as well as dance with my own darkness. People and practices discovered which honour and value the growing self, which push me to ‘my edge’, and expand the horizons of my world.

I believe now that it is when we choose these kinds of relationships when we feel a sense of home.

So, as the clichés suggest, it seems that ‘home is where the heart is’. And as some of the songs say, it does seem that ‘home is wherever I am with you’.

I just never lived in my heart before. And I must sing more songs to Myself!

“If light is in your heart you will find your way home.”- Rumi 


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