To flow or not to flow


When to go with the flow? When to swim upstream?

On a hot summer Melbourne day I make the trip to Laughing Waters in Eltham. Excited to be meeting my friend and journey out to one of my favourite natural refuges from the city in its mad lead up to Christmas.

We sit on a rock embankment, our lower halves submerged in the cooling waters, gently danced to silence by the sweet river song. What a wondrous place!

Time to explore. As we wade, feeling the gentle current pulling us towards the rapids we sit on the rocks, water massaging our backs. Making our tentative way down we enter the most powerful part of the river.

And float.

What a wonderful feeling to be carried by a river! Held. Watching the world drift gently by. Nothing to do but surrender to where the current takes me (watching for submerged rocks of course! Ouch!).

We sit on another rock, talk, feeling the sun warm our skin. Time to go back. “I’m not sure I have the energy to swim back upstream,” says my friend. But we do.

I’m surprised. What seemed like a difficult swim upstream, wasn’t at all. Slowly but surely we inch our way back to the rapids And I feel a satisfaction of sorts.

Swimming against the current to get where ‘I’ want to be.

Strangely, once past the strongest flowing part we found ourselves in a section that actually flowed back up river! Hmmm?

When do you go with the flow? When does being receptive and open serve you? When do you allow yourself to be dictated by forces outside you?

When do you swim upstream? When do you commit to act despite the external signs, opinions, habits and momentum of others? When is this being stubborn? Or is this just being driven to achieve?

I’m no guru. But I imagine it comes down to instinct and intuition. Tuning into the currents inside and out. And if we develop instinct through experience, what are we waiting for?

Jump in your river and take a dip.